A Guide to Sleeper Cabin Air Conditioners

SleeperCabinsFor truck drivers, ensuring you have a good comfortable sleep is paramount to maintaining focus and safety when on the job.

While sleeper cabins may provide a nice area to rest and revive, comfort levels can be heavily dependent on the ambient temperature inside the cabin. Now that we’re into spring and the weather is heating up, maintaining a nice temperature inside the truck will be more important than ever – especially when you consider how severe Australian summers can become.

In today’s article, we’ve listed a range of different sleeper cabin-friendly air conditioning / cooling systems we offer and detail how each one is ideal for different sleeper cabin environments.



In terms of sleeper cabin air conditioning, Viesa offers a great solution if you don’t spend each night sleeping in your truck. Out of a number of options available, Viesa is great for those needing to budget and can run for up to 10 hours at a time from a vehicle’s crank battery (dependent on the life of the battery itself, of course).


By design, the KoolKat electric cooling system is an ideal choice for trucks with a sleeper cabin size that exceeds the usual dimensions. In other words, if you your truck has a large, spacious sleeper cabin, then the KoolKat is for you. With an exceptionally powerful 12000 BTU output, the KoolKat can run for a period of 4 to 7 hours off supplied deep cycle batteries. The running will be dependent on the age of the batteries and external factors such as the ambient temperature outside.

Pure Air

Where KoolKat caters to larger sleeper cabins, its little brother Pure Air is an ideal choice for smaller sleeper cabins. The unit has an output of 5600 BTU and runs at very quiet levels to cater to the more compact nature of smaller sleeper cabins. Run time can last up to around 4 hours, but this can be increased to up to 6 hours with the installation of deep cycle batteries.


If you’re looking for an air conditioning solution with a strong focus on power and durability, then the diesel-power Ecowind cooling system could be for you. Suitable for almost all sleeper cabin environments, this cooling system has an impressive output of 15000+ BTU, which is backed up by a 9 horsepower engine. Despite its extra power, the Ecowind cooling system is still one of the quietest sleeper cabin air conditioning systems available.


Along with the need for cooling systems in sleeper cabins, it’s also worth remembering the fact that, sometimes, what someone wants is a system that can provide fantastic heating. This is where Dometic Australia come in with their Eberspacher diesel-powered heating system. With low noise output, low fuel consumption (100mm per hour) and offering drivers complete control over when the system runs, Dometic’s Eberspacher heating system is an ideal option for anyone looking for an effective heating system for their truck’s sleeper cabin.
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