Briskair have successfully distributed the Viesa Evaporative Cooler range of Products for over 13 years.

We believe these products have been successful because of their simplicity.

Viesa Have a product to suit every application & Budget, from the Platinum Series Roof Mounted to the Internal 2 Rear wall mounted system. Both systems are remote controlled with a full LCD display panel for operator control.

Choose our Viesa Evaporative cooler range, if you don’t sleep in your truck every night of the week, if you are a fleet operator, budget conscious or may not be comfortable with 134A Refrigerant cooling systems.

The systems are 12 or 24v & designed to run from the vehicle’s crank batteries for up to 10 hours subject to vehicle battery life, with a built in Battery, low voltage sensor/shutoff.

Viesa coolers continue to distribute with high volume sales around Australia, we consider them an entry level cooling system in today’s competitive sleeper Cab cooling market.

Product Features include:

  • Bi-turbo shielded motor
  • Air distributors with hermetic seals and independent diffusers for the driver and companion
  • Remote Control with full functionality for driver convenience
  • Aerodynamic exterior design
  • Control panel showing functions, full electronic control panel
  • Pump with automatic cut-off in case of lack of water
  • Upholstery cover which is completely versatile for all types of cabins
  • Water filter to protect pump
  • Protective system against short circuits in the pump and its connections
  • Protective fuse in the main feeder cable
  • Inverse polarity protection
  • Maximum draw in 12 volt units: 8 amps
  • Average water consumption: 1 to 3 litres per hour depending on the ambient humidity

Viesa Platinum – Roof Mounted Evaporation Unit

The Viesa Platinum is the most comfortable way of traveling and resting in your truck.

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Viesa Internal II – Rear Wall Mounted Evaporation Unit

The release of the new Viesa Internal II model of truck cab air conditioning systems combines maximum performance with a new compact design.

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