Brisk Air’s Sleeper Cabin Showcase

At Brisk Air we understand that trucking is a big part of your life.

Many drivers spend most of the year on the road away from families, so it’s not unusual to grow attached to your vehicle, deck it out, and install many of the comforts of home directly into your cabin interior. Whether you’re thinking of crafting something elaborate or just appreciate an eye-popping cabin, we’ve compiled some of the best for your viewing pleasure in our Sleeper Cabin Showcase.

This image courtesy of Kenworth Trucks boasts a spacious cabin interior that is 96 inches wide. Some of its practical features include a rotating chair and table for meals, laptop-use and more. Meanwhile, more elaborate features include a 23-inch flat screen TV, a storage compartment for  videos games and DVDs, a microwave and full-height wardrobe.

The above image is the sleeper interior belonging to Mike Most, a trucker from Phoenix. Mike recently spoke to the publication, Overdrive, to show off his decked-out cabin, which he hopes will score top prize at his next truck show.


Mike’s cabin boasts African Rosewood flooring, with specially fabricated suede upholstery to match. Elsewhere, you can find ‘cartoon’ murals (envisaged by Most’s children) and a dashboard including stainless-steel components.


This 80-inch cabin by manufacturer Peterbilt was presented on Truckinginfo. Its main features are the foldable 42-inch bunk, LED lighting and adequate storage space. The sleeper also hosts a variety of compartments which can hold your coffee maker, microwave, and other kitchen utensils, plus there’s window access, an extensive TV package, and mid-sized refrigerator.


Best of all, the entire cabin is fully detachable, giving it a longer life not limited to its vehicular counterpart.


This cabin by Freightliner gives off a definitive ‘futuristic’ feel with it’s neon blue and purple lighting. There’s also a variety of mounted and built-in screens for easy navigation, plus the simplistic design provides plenty of space and isn’t prone to clutter like some of its more elaborate competitors. Granted, this cabin doesn’t boast many luxuries by comparison, but its unique vibe and colour scheme is enough to set it apart.

Well this is about as elaborate as it gets! This cabin featured on Legacy Sleepers essentially boasts a fully-realised kitchen with all the appliances you’d usually expect to find, er, at home.

Investing in this cabin nets you a sink, pantry, a table to seat two, extensive overhead lighting, and ample bench space for meal preparation. Perhaps a bit much, but you could realistically do all your eating on the road, and only ever stop to refuel.

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