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Keeping cool in the mines


With the demanding conditions in mines across Australia, it’s important to ensure you take the appropriate steps to keep cool and well hydrated.

Brisk Air’s Sleeper Cabin Showcase

At Brisk Air we understand that trucking is a big part of your life. Many drivers spend most of the year on the road away from families, so it’s not unusual to grow attached to your vehicle, deck it out, and install many of the comforts of home directly into your cabin interior. Whether you’re…
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Essential items for your sleeper cabin

Over-the-road trucking can be an appealing profession for those who enjoy leading a nomadic lifestyle. Travelling the countryside, living on the road, and being large independent of others – these are opportunities both adventurous and rewarding. However, by the same token, the road can be difficult. Drivers typically spend long periods of time alone, with…
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Company Review: National Plant & Equipment


National Plant – like most businesses – emerged from humble beginnings back in 1997. Over the past 16 years, the company has grown from strength to strength thanks to embracing and providing services the booming mining industry within Australia.