Who We Are

Chris Liddelow
Chris Liddelow
Managing Director

Briskair was established by Chris Liddelow in 1996 . Chris has built the business on the following values.

Building on personal business relationships, and giving Recognition and Respect to our Customers ,Suppliers & Employees when the need arises.

Recognizing the needs of our customers and industry and developing our business to meet those needs:

Representing companies with products that value add to the Briskair portfolio like Lubecore and Viesa, we believe they complement each other.

Prompt reporting to our principle OEM and Agency suppliers .
Building up a “Buy Local “ network of country & state dealer sales and service representatives that can share the rewards .

Complying with relevant State and Federal Regulations and authorities.

Chris Liddelow: Managing Director Email: chrisl@briskair.com.au


Justin LiddelowJustin Liddelow
Sales and Operations Manager

Justin’s background is 10 years in a senior technical role in the Queensland Cinema Industry.

Justin Joined Briskair in 2003 and is responsible for all Sales ,and Operations in the company.

Justin has a personal dedication to building the business by endeavouring to deliver what the customer needs when they need it.

Justin Liddelow: Sales and Operations Manager. Email: justinl@briskair.com.au



Luke CoomberLuke Coomber
Senior Field Service technician

10 years with Briskair
Started Trade in 1997 – 16 years’ experience
Previously with Transport Electrical Brisbane
Worked on site with Transport Electrical at Brown and Hurley Darra
Artic Licenced
Lives in Brisbane




Rob PerryRob Perry
Spare Parts Manager / Importations Manager

6 years with  Briskair
30 years’ experience in the Automotive Industry
Previously a Service Manger Toyota
Previously a Honda parts manager Perth, Western Australia
Previously a Parts Manager Toyota
Previously a Customs Officer
Previously a Bank Customer Service
Previously a customs Clearance Hasting Deering
Lives In Brisbane


Kurt DorantKurt Dorant
Workshop Manager / Product Development Manager

9 years with Briskair
Qualified Auto Electrician
Hails from Muswellbrook, NSW
Over 16 years’ experience in the Trade
Qualified Automotive A/C Technician
Arc tic Licenced
Lives Brisbane




Charles KeaneCharlie Keane
Panel Beater & Spray painter

4 years with Briskair
Qualified Panel Beater / Spray Painter
12 years’ experience in his field
A/C Technician
Lives Brisbane