Kenworth unveils new ergonomic cab interior

kenworth-cab-interiorKenworth recently unveiled a newly designed, more ergonomic cab interior that aims to provide greater safety, privacy and ease of use for drivers.

Shown off at the recent PACCAR World event, it was presented in a cut-away cab exhibit, allowing attendees to get a good, thorough look at the new design. Overall, the new design – which will be implemented in various manners across Kenworth’s T359, T656 and C509 ranges – places a strong focus on making the operation of trucks easier and safer.

Some of the notable changes include:


  • Brighter, more contemporary colours to help make the cab feel more spacious and inviting
  • A higher ceiling and more depth, which allows for more headspace and room for seat adjustments
  • A curved windscreen, dash and overhead console; all designed this way to provide improved visibility, and easier access to instruments and information displays
  • Frequently used equipment is now positioned closer to the driver, while historically less-used items are now positioned further away
  • Radios and auxiliary switches have been move from the overhead console to help improve driver safety
  • A Smart Wheel is positioned at the centre of the dash, allowing for simple control over vital operating functions such the truck’s engine brake, cruise control and high-beam headlights
  • All electronic service components, HVAC and electrical circuitry are located behind a new panel in front of the passenger seat, providing better access and making repairs and maintenance easier
  • A privacy curtain wraps around the entire windscreen and both door windows, allowing for much greater privacy and relaxation
  • The cab’s trim is a durable vinyl, meaning it easy to clean and maintain
  • Externally, the cab includes full-length grab rails, ensuring safety during entry and exit of the cab


These new additions and refinements will be included in the entirety of Kenworth’s conventional truck range from May this year.

What do you think of the changes Kenworth has made? Share your thoughts in the comments below.