March Installations Showcase

One off Warren & Kathy Malins Fantastic T909, Custom Truck with Stainless & Lights and of Course a custom mounted Ecowind.

Warren Warrens Warren

Our new 24v Viesa Kompressor, with Custom Battery Frame & Polished Cover, installed to 5 New MAN Trucks.

Fully Refrigerant, 24v & completely Remotely controlled system.

Viesa Viesa


Briskair have completed a custom Install of a roof top Red Dot, Remote Condenser assembly.

These systems improve fuel efficiency, reduces the use of the Horton Fan, and can increase engine horsepower by up to 70%, all whilst improving the efficiency of the Factory a/c system.

Red Dot Red Dot

Isuzu Custom rear cabin slave a/c Installation, for Mining Company In Central Qld.

Briskair completed 2 of these vehicles.

Isuzu Isuzu Isuzu

Custom Ecowind A/C installs

Ecowinds Ecowinds


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