Volvo and Van Damme’s ‘Epic Split’ achieves top accolades

Towards the end of last year, Volvo released the mightily impressive video ‘The Epic Split’.

Featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, the video shows him perform his famed epic split/s between two Volvo trucks. With the original video having been viewed over 74 million times, it has become the most watched automotive commercial in YouTube’s history (you can view it just below). Along with this milestone, it was more recently titled ‘Best in Show’ by The One Show and the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards, and won 20 awards at Cannes for the overall campaign.



While it’s hard to deny that the most impressive aspect of the video is that Van Damme performs his splits while balancing precariously on the side mirrors of two trucks that are driving backwards, the video itself still served to provide a real-world example of just how stable and precise Volvo’s dynamic steering is.

It inspired a lot of discussion and a wealth of parodies. But whether your favourite part was Van Damme’s epic split, the fact that an Enya song was playing, or the brilliant and focused driving performed by those behind the wheel, it’s hard to deny that Volvo found a very clever way to market its trucks and all they have to feature.


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